SPORTY SPICE Paige Spiranac asks Sports Illustrated to be stunning swimwear edition model again… and fans are ALL behind it

PAIGE SPIRANAC has asked Sports Illustrated for another stunning swimwear photshoot.

The golf influencer, 29, first posed for the magazine back in 2018 and is up for another round.

Spiranac decided to “embrace her sexy side” during her first shoot with SI four years ago – and has built up an enormous following ever since.



After sharing some of her sporting predictions for 2023 on Twitter, one of her 750,000 followers offered one of his own.

He replied: “I think I like the 2023 Prediction Woman.

“Sports Illustrated Swim Suitless Female Golfer of the year.”




Spiranac was quick to respond, tweeting back just seven minutes later.

She wrote: “Hey @SI_Swimsuit should we do it again? Lol.”

Fans reacted with glee, with one tweeting: “Yes.”

A second commented: “Lol!”



While Paige’s original admirer replied: “Hellz Yea, you chose my Home Town Bruins to win the Cup. Granted my Uncle was a Canadian and Avalanche Goaltender. Who is Livin it Up in a Major? I couldn’t think fast enough?”

Her first SI shoot clearly meant a lot to her, and she said at the time in a video for SI Swimsuit: “This shoot felt it was for me, it was meant to be, it was right time, right place, right moment in my life with everything that I’ve gone through.

“I finally took back what is mine. I took back my body, I took back my sexuality and, ‘You guys want to see sexy? I’m going to do sexy and I’m going to do it my way.’


“It was really liberating to be myself and not feel I’m less than someone else or less of a person or that I haven’t accomplished anything or that I’m a slut or my parents hate me or all of these things people call me everyday and really embrace this sexy side and be confident and love who I am and love the skin I’m in.

“It was a really powerful moment.”

Spiranac had made a series of sporting predictions in her video, saying: “The [Philadelphia] Eagles, they’re going to win the Super Bowl. And, you know what, I like a little TCU [Horned Frogs] upset for the national championship.

Rory McIlroy is going to win The Masters

Paige Spiranac
“Rafa Nadal is going to win a major and then retire this year and Coco Gauff is going to get her first major title.

“The Brooklyn Nets are going to win the NBA Championship and LeBron [James] is going to be traded.

“Rory McIlroy is going to win The Masters and we will also see a LIV player with a major title.

“[Boston] Bruins to win the Stanley Cup.

“The [New York] Yankees, they’re going to win the World Series.

“Purdue [Boilermakers] men’s basketball to win the national championship.

“That’s all I’ve got for this year.”

Spiranac also claimed that looking at her boobs is good for men’s health.


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