“Just the Only One”: Amid LIV Golf-PGA Tour Rivalry, Defector Brooks Koepka’s Wife Spills Beans About World’s Top Golfers’ Wives

Last year, American golfer, Brooks Koepka and his long-time girlfriend, actress Jena Sims, tied the knot in a lavish ceremony on the Turks and Caicos Islands. Although the wedding was kept quiet, it was not unexpected by fans, given the couple’s history. The previous year, Koepka had proposed to Sims, and they announced their engagement. In the first episode of Claire Rogers Gets THE SCOOP, Jena Sims made an appearance, and well, spilled a lot of beans!

Jena Sims spills beans on top golfers’ wives
Jena sat down with Claire Rogers for the inaugural episode of The Scoop. The two of them discussed a lot of things, including hot intake on some of the world’s top 5-10 golfers’ wives.

Sims went ahead and told that Brooks Koepka slid into her DMs and that is how their story went ahead. She continued to speak about how she knows wives of top golfers in the world who slid into their now husbands’ DMs. “Some of the women who are married to top 5 top 10 players in the world who the women slid into there, also husbands’ DMs.”

She also mentioned that she is the only one who talks about this kind of stuff in public, unlike other wives, “I’m just the only one that talks about this in public.”

However, Sims did not disclose any names, “I’m not gonna throw anyone under the bus” to the people watching the episode. But, don’t we all want to know who these amazing women are? It indeed is the age of feminism and women can take the front seat too!


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