‘I Literally Hate It’: Nelly Korda Gets Candid While Discussing Her New ‘House’

he pride of the LPGA tour, Nelly Korda, is no different from the rest of us. During recent press conferences, her statements reflected our general lifestyle. We think that our favorite golfers are living a stress-free, luxurious life, whereas they are living the same energy as us, but maybe a bit advanced.



Korda’s words will make you see the similarities you have with her. This might shock, but the Olympic gold medalist golfer hates the same things we hate. She needs lots of assistance, too, and you will not believe how simple and down-to-earth she is. Despite being a celebrated celebrity in the female golf world, she still has to do things she dislikes a lot, like us. Let’s find out more.



Why is Nelly Korda the same as us?
The golfer attended a press conference ahead of the Pelican Women’s Championship. Despite being a celebrity, she reflected the signs of being as normal as us. The seven times LPGA winner was talking about her new home and the stress that surrounds her doing all the work. She said, “Oh my gosh, it’s so stressful. I hate it. I literally hate it.”


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