‘It’s Unbelievable’- Venus Williams’ Current Life Struggle Opens Her Eyes to a Shocking Evidence About Humans

Venus Williams has undoubtedly adhered to her fitness and diet regime throughout her stellar journey, as witnessed by her prowess and remarkable display of the game. The American tennis legend, who regards herself as ‘Cheegan’ due to her love for cheese and vegan food, also enjoys the guilty pleasure of munching on a number of junkies.



Due to her love for snacks, the 7 singles Grand Slam champion has recently got herself in a huge dilemma in her kitchen. Here’s what is bothering the 42-year-old tennis legend as she calls it one of the toughest times of her journey.



The American tennis icon recently conducted a Q&A session on her Instagram story as she conversed with a slew of fans. One of the fans asked her if she has ever searched for some munchies despite knowing that she has none. Venus Williams answered in a bizarre manner as she said, “It’s unbelievable that 5% of you think you are perfect humans!”

Meanwhile, the 7 singles Grand Slam champion also uploaded a video clip of herself, detailing her recent snacking ordeals. The 42-year-old WTA player explained how her life has recently become quite difficult because she had to cut back on her guilty pleasure of munching. She said, “So, my life I want to explain to you why it’s so very hard now. And it’s because I don’t have any snacks and I have cut back on my snacks.”

Despite knowing that she doesn’t have any snacks in her pantry, Williams is still walking around to grab something to eat. Sadly, her search was only successful in finding a few olives, which she subsequently had to use as snacks. Williams said, “It doesn’t stop me from walking around my kitchen and looking in the pantry and trying to figure out how to get a snack. So I am walking around and the only thing I can find these olives and sadly I’m going to snack on these olives. I got these for salad or whatever.”


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