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‘I Wanted to Be There for My Guys’: Tiger Woods Revisits a Historic Presidents Cup Moment

There are a lot of differences between winning an individual event and a group event. The emotional rush that goes through one’s mind when they win for a group or their country is nothing but irreplaceable. This is what Tiger Woods felt when he won the match as the USA captain of the 2019 Presidents Cup.

When Woods teed up against Abraham Ancer of Mexico, the Team USA was two points behind the International team. Ancer was in really good form as he had won two of his previous matches and another a tie. Since it was the last day, winning the match was inevitable for Team USA to make it even on the scoreboard.

Since the inception of the Presidents Cup in 1994, the Team USA has only lost once. Therefore, as a captain whose team is currently on the losing side, Woods should have felt immense pressure. However, he was as cool as he usually appears at his individual events.

“Tiger just had this sort of calm… confidence, you know, all week,” said Rob McNamara. McNamara was the caddy captain at the 2019 Presidents Cup. He explained that even though the team was behind two points, Woods had never once put pressure on his team to do better. “He just kept executing this calmness. I think it was very reassuring,” added McNamara.

With his calm nature, Tiger won the match against Ancer with a 20-footer putt on the last hole.

What did Tiger Woods feel after winning his match?


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