‘Straight to Jail’: After Unfortunately Embarrassing Himself in Front of Tiger Woods at Augusta, 21-Year-Old PGA Tour Phenom Invites Mockery From the Golf Community

most golfers, playing alongside Tiger Woods is still a dream. The PGA Tour legend is not only an inspiration to millions of his fans but also to Tour professionals.



That is why, when someone actually gets a chance to stand next to the 15-time Major Champion on the course, it is natural for them to act nervously.



A similar thing probably happened with this tour professional at the Masters Tournament practice round.
What he did in front of so many golf fans at the Augusta National Golf Course, was nothing less than embarrassing for him.


As expected, the internet had a lot to say about it, with one seeming to hint at what should happen to the young golfer!



PGA Tour pro hysterically embarrasses himself in front of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is currently getting ready for the 87th Masters Tournament scheduled to begin in two days from now.



The golf legend has made tons of records in his career and has earned the respect of countless fans for his performances. Simply put, his mere aura is enough to make everyone around him feel the heat that he carries.


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