‘Going to Bleed’: Despite Painful Moment, Lexi Thompson Enjoys the Silver Lining in Latest Life Update

You become a true champion when you always find the positive side of every setback. The same is happening with the LPGA Tour star Lexi Thompson. After making her fans crazy with her looks, her latest Instagram story is proof of her looking for humor despite being in incredible pain and discomfort. Every now and then, she proves her love for golf, and here is another testament. It will make you go ‘aww’ and ‘ouch’ at the same time.

Lexi Thompson focuses on the good side of the pain incurred
The youngest golfer ever to qualify to play in the U.S. Women’s Open has yet again proved her dedication to golf. She posted a snippet of her hands showing her injury. Five of her fingers were covered in bandages due to chipping and practice for the season 2023. She wrote, “When you’ve hit so many shots/chips feels like your hands are going to bleed.” However, her nails were telling another story. Therefore, she gave her pain a silver lining.

Her beautifully manicured nails were distracting and the female pro golfer was aware of it. She said, “Nails R on point tho.” There is no way we can deny that. Even though her hands were injured, the gorgeous Thompson managed to make them look splendid. And it is no surprise. She always manages to make her fans go crazy with her simple and subtle look. Even her workout videos become an inspiration to her fans, and they wholeheartedly support her for upcoming matches on the LPGA Tour.

However, her injured fingers are not the only proof of her dedication and love for the sport. Earlier, she posted a story where she came back from running and found a tee wrapped in her ponytail. She said, “You know your a golfer when you go through a 30 min jog and realize you left tees in your hair.” It was another true testament. She is a fun being, but when it comes to golf, her dedication cannot be matched.


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