Eugenie Bouchard: Gorgeous tennis star FAILS to hit the ball during embarrassing video

EUGENIE BOUCHARD failed to hit a ball as she practised her swing live on video in unfortunate footage posted on Instagram. However, the gorgeous tennis star was thankfully not playing her professional sport, but instead practising baseball hits.

Eugenie Bouchard, 24, who is also known as Genie on her Instagram account, posted a video showcasing her “swing” – but the hot tennis star failed to impress.

The gorgeous Sports Illustrated model posted a video to her 1.7 million Instagram followers of her swinging to hit balls.

However, she was not practising her tennis game, but instead trying a new sport: baseball.

In the funny footage, she repeatedly swings without technique and once fails to hit the ball coming towards her with her bat.

She captioned the post: “How’s my swing?‬ Note: I know it’s not called feeding but I called it feeding okay‬.

Note2: I switch sides halfway thru. The whole thing is a s***show tbh‬”.

Eugenie wore tight black leggings for the occasion, paired with white tennis shoes and socks and a baggy dark grey top.

Her fans thankfully saw the funny side of Eugenie’s poor baseball skills.

One wrote in the comments section: “That’s funny. You can hit a tennis ball so hard.”

Another referenced Eugenie’s tennis style: “It looks like a two-handed backhand…”


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