Paula Badosa excites her fans with a NEW bathing suit PICS

Paula Badosa and Aryna Sabalenka had a fun exchange on social media. The latter, on her official instagram profile, published a story with the conversation she had with the Spanish tennis player about the tactics to be used in view of the World Tennis League that she will see both in the same team.



A conversation piece posted by the Belarusian tennis player certainly has some hilarious parts and begins with a question Sabalenka asks Badosa: “Hi girl, how is your stay in Dubai? What is your plan for the next few weeks?” The response of the Spaniard was at first serious: “Heyyy girl.

Very good and you? How’s the pre-season going? Congratulations on the WTA final, you deserved it. I’m doing pre-season and preparing for the WTL here in Dubai. I hear it’s going to be great.”




Paula Badosa excites her fans with a NEW bathing suit PICS
From here on the chat between the two champions certainly took a comical turn: “Thank you.

Well, you know how pre-season usually goes Yes, I can’t wait to play there, especially in a team with my soul mate on the tour!” then continued Sabalenka. The Spaniard’s response was equally amusing: “We have a great team, Grigor and Novak.

And of course the best one, that is you.” The chat ends with the last message of the 24-year-old tennis player native of Minsk: “Novak is the best. I hope he does everything and we will rest.” Sabalenka and Badosa also played some doubles matches together this year and mainly in two tournaments in this 2022: in Miami and in Madrid.

The two tennis players will therefore take part in this new exhibition competition of the World Tennis League which will take place in the United Arab Emirates from 19 to 24 December. Meanwhile Paula, on vacation in her off season, thrilled her followers on Instagram with incredible new photos in a bathing suit:


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