“I Was Struggling”: Matteo Berrettini Speaks Out On His French Open 2020 Exit

Matteo Berrettini continues his struggle in the big stages. The Italian crashed out of the French Open 2020 in straight sets in the hands of Daniel Altmaier. Seeded seventh in the tournament, Berrettini’s third-round loss adds to a string of losses he has had over a period of time now.



Berrettini has a distinct characteristic of starting any tournament promisingly. However, he loses his way and crashes out failing to make a mark. The Italian continued his streak once again in the French Open 2020.

World number 8 Matteo Berrettini was visibly upset with his performance. He knows the facts better than anyone and he is aware of his capabilities. Accepting his defeat he understands he failed once again to perform in the big stage.



“Pretty upset. I was really feeling bad on the court. I’m feeling bad now. Didn’t play well in the big stage. It’s painful”, he stated.

Berrettini claims he was struggling to find his rhythm in the match. At times he was extra conscious and rigid in performance, while at the other end he was a bit too much casual. This abrupt fluctuation deviated his focus from the game and he accepts it has been a bad day for him.

“I was struggling to find the right attitude, the right energy. I was nervous. When I tried to calm down, I was too calm. I was struggling every single aspect of the game. It was a really bad day. I actually almost won a set playing like this, feeling like this”, the tweet read.


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