Sexy Eugenie Bouchard for Hello! Magazine. ´Men? I Ignore Them´

Eugenie Bouchard will start the 2015 season with a new frenemy: Pressure! A year after her extraordinary debut as a full-time WTA pro player, the Canadian raising star will already have to defend two Grand Slam semi-finals and a Wimbledon final.



In Australia, the “Genie Army” awaits the blonde 20-year-old, in Melbourne, where it all started. Eugenie, as always, keeps on being extremely professional. Speaking about the new season, Genie talked to Hello! Magazine saying how she feels ready.



“I am very focused on my job. My goal is to win a Grand Slam tournament and to become World No.1” said Genie convinced and convincing. A goal that seems anything but impossible for the little prodigy who has become the first ever Canadian player to star in a Slam final this year.



As the mood of the Hello! Magazine issue had to do a lot with fashion and sex appeal, Eugenie also managed to speak about what happens off court with her life. We find out that Eugenie has a true passion for very short dresses and python handbags.

The top 10 player also spoke about a special encounter, when she met The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons. “He is a great tennis fans and our agencies put us in contact. I have to say, he is more positive than myself and my family about my future.

He is the funniest person I have ever met” said Genie, back at her teenage-looking self. But then, speaking of love, Genie doesn’t really feel ready to open up. “My work keeps me busy all time and I don’t really have time for those things.

Men? I am used to ignore them” concluded the Canadian. Here is sexy and


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