Serena Williams’ stepmother lives in a dog house!

Richard Williams, father of US tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams, is still divorcing his ex-wife Lakeisha. According to court documents seen by The US Sun, she is staying at Richard’s former four-bedroom mansion in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.



Richard and his family have been fighting Lakeshia in court, as there is currently no criminal investigation against her. The dilapidated property was left to rot by Lakeisha after she admitted in court documents that she forged her signature on her title deeds to transfer it to her name.



This allowed her to get a loan for $255,000, which she blew up in one of many failed trucking businesses.

Serena Williams’ stepmother lives in a dog house!
Richard’s son Chavoita told The US Sun: “As far as I know, Lakeisha now lives in what we call the doghouse next to the main house.

My father has converted a clubhouse into a small studio and I was told who lives there. I’ve seen some work being done on the house, but I don’t think it’s really livable at the moment, it’s a mess. Lakeisha wanted my dad to write a check for the house so the deed would be free and clear, but she won’t.





We all want to tear it down and build a new home, and she’s still going through the courts. We’re also pushing forward with the divorce right now, but she’s being stubborn about her deposition, there’s one last one.” In an earlier chat with the US Sun, Richard Williams said: “The house is easily worth a million dollars.

The ten acres of land is incredible. I don’t need the past anymore if I keep focusing on the past I won’t do much.” Chavoita also said, “I can’t remember how long it was from the relationship until my dad started having financial headaches, like, What’s going on with my Social Security checks? We’re just putting all of it together, it’s a lot. This whole situation has been frustrating.”


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