Paige Spiranac is experimenting outside her comfort zone, see shocking details

Paige Spiranac is all about tackling new challenges this year.

Fresh off the January launch of her exclusive website, OnlyPaige, the longtime golf influencer has continued to step outside of her comfort zone – notably in February, when she served as a special correspondent for “Inside Edition” at Super Bowl 2023.



“It was amazing, it was very different than anything that I’ve ever done, more traditional broadcast and everything I do is digital,” Spiranac recently told The Post.”



With her boots on the ground in Glendale, Arizona, the 29-year-old Spiranac took on a collection of tasks ahead of the championship matchup between the Chiefs and Eagles, including an NFL-style obstacle course.

“It was interesting because I have never done that before, and I had no training there, but they were so great and they helped me along, every single step,” she said.

And while Spiranac cherished the experience, she doesn’t envision a career change in the near future.

“I think my heart lies with digital content and that’s what I think I do best and what I enjoy most,” Spiranac said.

With nearly four million followers on Instagram, Spiranac expanded her digital empire with OnlyPaige this year.

“Something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time is offer different types of content, higher-quality content, definitely golf instruction, and also just having a place where I can just post kind of whatever I want when I want, and just have it be a little bit different than my social media,” she said.

Subscribers have access to a wide range of Spiranac-centric content, including golf instruction videos, live streams, Q&As, and exclusive images not featured anywhere else.



“Everyone has been asking me to do a subscription site for a very long time, and I wanted to do it in my own Paige way, and so, it took some months to get it down perfectly,” she said.


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