Martina Navratilova fights back tears in Piers Morgan chat as Sue Barker sends message

Martina Navratilova fought back tears in a moving interview with Piers Morgan about her cancer treatment. The former tennis star, 66, has revealed that she has won her battle with breast and throat cancer and opened up about it in a sit-down with chat with the broadcaster.

Back in January, Navratilova announced that she had been diagnosed with two unrelated cancers. However, doctors now believe that the 18-time major singles champion is free of the disease.

In an emotional interview with TV personality Morgan, the American has opened up on her cancer battle. She was reduced to tears several times as she recounted the well-wishes she received from friends, family and fans.

She told Piers Morgan Uncensored: “I rung [the bell] three times. It’s very hard not to cry, sorry. I’m crying just looking at it again because you wait, you just can’t wait to ring the bell and I’m still in God’s hands, whether or not you’re going to be 100 per-cent or not but you hope for the best because you have… so when you’re going through the treatments, you have some feeling sorry for yourself tears.

“You pick your music that you want to listen to. So, usually it was Bob Marley which was great, it was the best music I listened to. One time I picked Elton John and then he starts singing ‘I’m still standing’ and I’m like, he sang that to me in Paris during the French Open in the ‘80s. I went to his concert and he dedicated this song to me, ‘I’m still standing’, because he knew it was one of my favourites.


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