Alex De Minaur’s bio, net worth, family, coach, girlfriend and dog Enzo

Alex De Minaur is the Australian No.1 and one of the quickest players in the world. Here is his bio with reference to his net worth, family, coach, girlfriend and dog Enzo.



Alex De Minaur was born on the 17th February 1999 in Sydney, Australia, to Anibal (Uruguayan) and his mother, Esther (from Spain). He has 2 brothers (Dominic, Daniel) and 3 sisters (Natalie, Cristina, and Sara). His father used to own an Italian restaurant (Giovanni’s) located in the popular George Street in Sydney. That was the place where he met his wife, who was working there as a waitress.



De Minaur spent most of his life in Spain, where he moved there (Alicante) when he was 5. Later he went back to Australia when he was 13 to move back again to Spain. However, he has always felt a strong bond with Australia.



Adolfo Gutierrez coaches Alex. He has won US$6,028,156 in prize money and his net worth is estimated to be at US$6,000,000.

Dog Enzo and girlfriend
Alex De Minaur is currently dating his stunning girlfriend and fellow tennis player Katie Boulter. In the past, he was linked to Anastasia Potapova. Alex has also a strong bond with his dog Enzo, a lovely golden retriever.


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