Simona Halep breast reduction was her biggest sacrifice

Simona Halep had an in-depth interview with Sports Illustrated ahead of the French Open.


The Romanian player spoke about the decision of undergoing surgery to reduce her breast that was affecting her game. ‘When I did it, I did it for tennis.



Maybe doing that was really important to today be no. 1,’ Halep said. Halep agrees with describing it as hee “biggest sacrifice”, although at the same time she added: ‘I don’t feel that I made sacrifices by being here or playing tennis because I really like this sport, and it’s never tough to go and practice.’



She approaches the second Grand Slam of the year with a positive attitude, despite she lost two finals there in 2014 and 2017.

‘Like people say, no hard feelings. I won juniors there. It’s close to my home country. I love Paris, just to stay there and visit. Maybe I’ll live there one day.

So I just love everything about this tournament.’ She is confident about her chances to win a Major: ‘I’m thinking that I’m there, that I can do it because I was so close three times.


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