‘Not Just a Robot’: Lexi Thompson, Who Started Her Career at 5, Revealed Her Struggles as a Golfer in a 2018 Interview

The world of golfers is constantly surrounded by media and fans. Most stars wish to find some leisure time for themselves away from all the publicity. Like any other golfer, Lexi Thompson too loves to spend some quality time by herself. Four years ago, the LPGA star shared the details of what she enjoys doing off the course.

Thompson has been in the spotlight for a pretty long time. She won her first Major title at age 19, after claiming the 2014 Chevron Championship. Winning a Major as a teenager created massive publicity for her.

Nonetheless, since then, Lexi has yet to put her fingers back on a Major trophy again. During an interview with Golf Monthly back in 2018, the 27-year-old talked about her struggles as well as her glorious triumphs in the sport.

What does Lexi Thompson do off the course?
In 2018, the LPGA star had taken a break from competing in professional golf. She claimed to want “some time to work on myself”. However, after a month away from golf, ahead of her return, Lexi was interviewed by Golf Monthly, where the interviewer asked about what she did during her time away.

“I would say it’s just figuring out what really makes me happy off the golf course, as well, figuring myself out,” Thompson replied.“I have transformed myself around this game for such a long time, ever since I was five years old”.


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