‘Cr*p’, I Just Lost a Bet’: When Tiger Woods Began His Hall of Fame Speech in Epic Fashion

Tiger Woods is among the few names that one quickly thinks of when talking about golf. It is so because of his distinctive personality and his unmatched talent in the sport. With 15 major wins on his name, it is not easy to count the number of records Woods has created and broken.



Other than being extremely good at his sport, Woods is also loved by people because of his brutal honesty, and straightforward views in the open. If there is someone in the field of golf who has the guts to go all out publicly without any uneasiness, it’s definitely Tiger Woods.



Besides his fearless side, Woods also has an emotional side to his personality. During his speech at the World Golf Hall of Fame, Tiger was seen getting all sentimental.



At the very beginning of the speech, Woods said, “Cr*p, I just lost a bet to Stricker that I wouldn’t cry”. The 46-year-old mentions losing a bet to PGA Tour pro, Steve Stricker, about not crying during the speech.




Woods shared his epic journey in golf
Similar to his game on the course, Tiger Woods made a beautiful speech at the World Golf Hall of Fame Media Conference. He shared his journey as a golfer starting back from when he was 6-years-old.




He also shared how he used to practice golf and play for money in his childhood, for which he was always scolded by his father. The audience laughed when Woods mentioned that after being stopped by his dad to play for quarters, he started playing for dollars.


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