My Wife and I Were at Fault’: Tiger Woods’ Rough Divorce With Elin …

My Wife and I Were at Fault’: Tiger Woods’ Rough Divorce With Elin …

Tiger Woods is an American Professional golfer who has millions of fans across the globe. The player is accredited for lifting the sport to a whole new level and is always in the headlines for something or the other




.What else did Nordegren say about her divorce from the golf star? Keep reading to find out.

When Elin Nordegren said good things about Tiger Woods after their divorce
Elin Nordegren got divorced from Tiger Woods after the news of Tiger’s extramarital affairs was confirmed. Later, Elin expressed her feelings in a 2014 interview with

Woods’ fans are always adamant to know as much as they can about him, including his personal life. Back in 2010, when the star golfer got divorced from wife Elin Nordegren, the golf world went haywire.

On multiple occasions, the golf ace discussed about their divorce and admitted to his mistakes. On the other hand, Nordegren rarely opened up about the situation and never went brash when speaking about her ex-husband. When the Swedish model finally spoke up, she ended up calling Woods a great father


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