Lydia Ko’s Dominant Record Shattered by 19-Year-Old Phenom From Tiger Woods’ Alma Mater

The current world number-one female golfer, Lydia Ko, is undoubtedly a rare talent. Prior to earning the LPGA Tour card in 2013, the Kiwi had already established herself in the golf world through many records in amateur golf.




However, one of her records, which once looked unbreakable, was recently shattered by a rising golfer from California. Moreover, the amateur golfer also happens to share a common background with the 15-time Major winner, Tiger Woods.



The LPGA Tour has become more enticing and competitive in recent years, thanks to Lydia Ko and many other staggering talents. The rise of the female Tour has also driven many young girls the aspiration to earn a Tour card. However, to compete in the LPGA, golfers must first undergo the amateur circuit.

While many give up their dreams of professional golf during their amateur days, Rose Zhang’s dominance in Amateur Golf has caught the attraction of the sporting world. Zhang doubled the hype around her by breaking Lydia Ko’s long-standing record.

19-year-old amateur golfer shatters the world number one rank record of Lydia Ko
Similar to her current standing in women’s golf, Ko also held the number one position during her days in amateur golf. The two-time Major winner remained at the number one rank for 130 constant weeks in the World Amateur Golf Ranking.

Rose Zhang is breaking records! ????

Our two-time champion has surpassed Lydia Ko’s mark for most consecutive weeks as the world’s top-ranked amateur.

— USGA (@USGA) March 15, 2023

Though many felt the astonishing record would remain untouched by other golfers, Rose Zhang had other plans. The 19-year-old Amateur golfer claimed the number one rank after finishing tied for 11th position at the 2020 ANA Inspiration. Since then, Zhang has held the top rank in the World Amateur Golf Ranking.


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