After a Scary Cancer Diagnosis, Lexi Thompson Was Immensely Thankful to Her Peer for Potentially Saving Her Mom’s Life

Lexi Thompson and her journey so far are not only inspirational but also filled with difficulties. Even though her life seems to be perfect from the outside, she is still no stranger to the struggles on the inside. One such moment was when she faced problems at the hospital, during the treatment of her mother’s ailments.



Lexi Thompson thanks Morgan Pressel for life-saving favor
The broad spectrum of emotions includes a range of different emotions and feelings. However, helplessness remains to be one feature that leaves a person shattered. Especially, when the helplessness stems from the inability to help someone close to your heart.



The famous pro golfer, Lexi Thompson, is no stranger to feeling the aforementioned feeling of helplessness. The close person, in question, when it comes to Lexi was her mother, Judy Thompson.


Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been a survivor for almost a decade now. Cancer as a disease is not only debilitating for the person affected by it but also for their near and dear ones. So clearly, Lexi also had a hard time when it was hard to get her mother into a hospital, especially, when she needed it the most.




In these tough times, the American professional golfer and golf commentator, Morgan Pressel, came to Thompson’s rescue. Apparently she helped Judy Thompson get into the hospital so she could get timely aid which was very important for her then as the failure would have endangered her life even further.

Lexi remembered the same and expressed her gratitude to Morgan recently.

She said, “I can’t give big enough thanks to Morgan Pressel. My mom wasn’t able to get into a hospital for weeks… Morgan helped out and got her into the hospital 2 days later.”


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