Tyson Fury hints about having seventh child with wife Paris on romantic date

Tyson Fury has teased his wife about the fact they’ll be having another baby soon – but she has denied it.

Tyson is married to Paris Fury and the couple live in Morecambe with their six children.



Their youngest child, Athena, was born on August 8, 2020.

Paris, 31, has previously told how Athena became ‘completely unresponsive’ at one point after birth.

Doctors rushed to try and slow Athena’s incredible fast heartbeat but Paris revealed it caused ‘a load of other complications’.



Athena’s heart was beating at more than 300 times a minute compared to the normal 120 mark.

Paris explained how they were transferred from the Royal Lancaster Infirmary to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

“They took her off me, put her on the table and resuscitated her. Tyson came running in. It was horrific. They managed to get her heart going and everything stabilised,” Paris recalled.




Thankfully for Athena and the Fury family, Athena recovered quickly and she was “completely clear and fine” when she came out of the hospital.

Now, over coffee with his wife, Tyson has started to tease her that baby number seven will be coming soon.


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