Paige Spiranac Makes a Strong Appeal Against ‘Sexist Issue’ to End Misogyny in Golf: ‘Would Make Us a Lot Happier’

Paige Spiranac has always been a vocal advocate for female athletes. She has herself faced criticism for the wake look and dress. Moreover, she was once even invited to a tournament just to add glamor to the sport.

The 29-year-old has revealed eye-opening facts about golf over the years, especially how even in the 20th century the sport is extremely male-oriented. And once again she has pointed out the sexism in the golf industry.

Paige Spiranac shines a light on the sexism in golf

The former pro golfer called out the golf world for its misogyny. She revealed how golf courses don’t have feminine hygiene products. “If we’re talking about like a sexist issue with golf, the fact that they don’t a lot of most golf courses don’t have feminine products, in bathrooms at golf courses.”

Moreover, she expressed how it creates a very uncomfortable situation for female golfers to grab a sanitary napkin or a tampon from their bag and carry it to the washroom. “It really is an uncomfortable situation or trying to grab one from your golf bag over to the bathroom.”


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