LASTING LOVE Tyson Fury shares secret to happy marriage with wife Paris and husbands around the country are all in agreement

BOXING champ Tyson Fury has opened up about his relationship with wife Paris, as he shared what he believes the secret to a happy marriage is.

In a recent interview Tyson, 34, spoke lovingly about his wife of thirteen years, 33-year-old Paris.

When asked about the secret to their long lasting relationship, Tyson, who shares six children with childhood sweetheart Paris, put it down to one thing and one thing only.

He said: “The only person you need to make happy is your wife.

“Because everybody else will always have a different opinion – but they don’t have to live with you.

“The one person you have to keep happy is that wife because if you’ve got a happy wife, you’ll have a happy life.”

The charismatic star then quipped: “And if not, then you’re f****ed.”

And it seems dedicated family man Tyson is not alone in his thinking.

After hearing what the sport star had to say, countless people took to the comment section of the video shared by Top Rank Boxing, aka @trboxing.

One wrote: “Happy spouse, happy house.”

Another said: “This is very true…Happy wife happy life

While lots of women were also quick to share their thoughts on Tyson’s comments.

One woman said: “How many wives have forwarded this onto the hubby.”

A second joked: “How do I send this to my husband without sending it to my husband.”

While a third wrote: “My dad says this all the time and my mum is the happiest lady I know!”

This isn’t the first time that Tyson has shared a similar sentiment.

Speaking previously, the sportsman shared how he always thinks of Paris and their kids above anything else.

He revealed: “The secret to a happy life is having a happy wife. That’s correct.

“Happy home equals everything. Homelife is where everything starts, it’s G-based.


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