‘I Love…’: Lexi Thompson, Who Was Named the Most Beautiful Women in Golf, Revealed Her Guilty Pleasure In a 2017 Interview

Athletes live strict, strenuous lifestyles. Their careers often demand that they stay at a peak level of fitness throughout. So, it is not often that they get to indulge and do things they like. They have to stick to a rigid schedule, workout, diet, and much more. But they too are humans and have guilty pleasures just like the rest of us, even though they may not get to indulge in them as often. Lexi Thompson, the LPGA star, is no exception and once revealed her favorite guilty pleasure.

Thompson is one of the most widely known women golfers in the world. The American golf star turned pro when she was just a teenager and has won many events, including a major.

Lexi Thompson has an unfortunate guilty pleasure

In interview with Lifestyle Asia in February 2017, Thompson was asked about her guilty pleasure. “I love chocolates and my food,” she responded. But it wasn’t as simple as Thompson picking up a chocolate bar and eating it. To remain as fit as she was, she had to stick to a rigorous diet.

The one-time major winner religiously trained regularly. And as part of her training, she could not just munch on anything and everything she liked. That was the cost that her form and fitness came at.

She said, “I have to watch what I eat, especially during training.”

What is Thompson’s training like?

Lexi is by far one of the fittest women on the golf course. But staying at that level isn’t easy. Besides giving up foods that she loves to eat, she also has to follow a strict exercise regimen. This included a variety of workouts, from cardio to flexibility to balance exercises.


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