Camila Giorgi among the suspects for fake vaccinations

Camila Giorgi would be among the suspects in the investigation opened by the Vicenza prosecutor’s office, in Italy, for false anti-Covid-19 vaccinations. According to what emerged and reported by Italian media, Camila would have only pretended to have been vaccinated against Covid-19, with the intention of obtaining the green pass in any case and not having travel restrictions, as well as regularly participating in the tournaments of the WTA Tour that expressly required the administration.

The news was launched in these hours and has inevitably attracted the attention of the world of sport and music. We now await insights and updates on the matter, which confirm or deny the latest news. It all started last February, when the Vicenza prosecutor’s office conducted an investigation that led to the arrest of three doctors, all accused of various crimes such as corruption for acts contrary to official duties, ideological falsehood committed by the public official in public deeds and embezzlement.

Camila Giorgi among the suspects for fake vaccinations
After several months, attention has also shifted to the clients of no-vax doctors and the judicial authority has discovered the involvement of the Italian player and Italian singer Madame, who also participated in the Italian Sanremo Festival in 2021.

The alleged crime against both would be that of ideological forgery, or having falsely certified to the public official, in this case, the doctor, in a public deed facts of which the deed is intended to prove the truth, the administration of the vaccination anti-Covid.

The investigation by the Vicenza mobile team was triggered after several reports: the officials were especially suspicious of the large number of vaccines required by the study. According to what was written by the Vicenza newspaper, the artist had been assisted for some time by one of the three doctors arrested in February, while as regards Camila Giorgi, there are currently no links with the province of Vicenza, an aspect that will certainly need further investigation .

Meanwhile, the investigation papers have already been sent to the Italian tennis federation: unlike the world of entertainment, the world of sport could lead to more severe consequences for the athlete, who saw the green pass as a necessary act for some tennis stages. More news is expected in these days or in the coming weeks


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