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‘No Marital Issues’: Victoria Beckham Scoffs At Rumors After She Erases David Beckham Tattoo: Sources

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are not headed down a path to divorce, a source close to the couple has revealed as rumors of potential marital issues erupted, has learned.



Rumors that the long-time love birds could be on the rocks were brought by the absence of a simple tattoo of her husband’s initials on the former Spice Girls’ wrist.



Now, a source has revealed the reasoning behind Victoria’s decision to have the ‘DB’ taken off her wrist.

During a makeup tutorial video on her Instagram, Victoria had fans concerned as she swatched a shade of lipstick on her wrist. Her notable tattoo was gone, leading viewers to believe the removal was a signal that the relationship between Victoria and David could be coming to an end.

In reality, though, a source close to the couple shared that this was simply not the case. Unlike other celebrities who have taken to tattoo removal/coverups amid their separation.

An insider close to the Beckhams, “there are no marital issues between the two.” The source also added that Victoria has “recently had several tattoos removed from her body.


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