Tiger Woods Once Revealed How He Wants His Legacy to Be Remembered: ‘The Greatest Thing That Could Happen Is to Not Be Remembered’

Tiger Woods, a 15-time major championship winner, a member of the World Golf Hall of fame, and an 82-time winner on the PGA Tour, surprisingly, stated his opinion about his own legacy. Notably, he had an exciting view about how he wanted to be remembered.



In every sport, the greatest players leave behind a legacy, which continues even when the professionals retire. Tiger has built a legacy as well as a big name for himself in the sport of golf.



Everyone who knows the sport golf knows Tigers’ name. That is the type of legacy or name Tiger has made for himself in this sport.



Tiger Woods speaks about his idea on legacy
Tiger spoke to the Time on his 40th birthday about what he feels about his legacy. Surprisingly, Woods gave a unique perspective about how he wants to be remembered.


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