‘Anything She Was Doing’: Nelly Korda, the ‘Annoying Little Sister’ Spills Beans on How She Follows Sister Jessica Korda’s Footsteps

No sibling duo is more talented and popular than the Korda sisters. Both Jessica Korda and Nelly Korda have risen up the ranks to be considered the best on the LPGA Tour. Though the golfing duo may currently be the face of ladies’ golf, their journey began long before they earned their Tour cards. Find out how Nelly exposed herself while revealing why they chose the sport of golf despite being in a family rich in Tennis heritage.

While the sisters have made their surname among the most popular in the 18-hole sport, ‘Korda’ has been a familiar name around the courts of Tennis. Their father, Petr Korda won the 1998 Australian Open and finished first runner-up at the 1990 French Open. He married Regina Rajchrtová, who also happens to be a professional Tennis player.

Sebastian Korda, the brother of the Korda sisters, followed in the footsteps of his parents and became a professional Tennis player. Nonetheless, despite the Kordas always being surrounded by Tennis, how did the girls in the family choose the path of professional golf? Nelly recently spilled the beans before revealing the robust bond with her sister.

Nelly Korda admits to following Jessica’s road to professional golf
The best players on the LPGA Tour are currently competing at the HSBC Women’s Championship. The Korda sisters are also participants at the Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore. Ahead of the event, the duo was asked why the sisters chose golf despite being in a Tennis family.

He also took to his Instagram stories and shared the development of his work. He stated, “Been busy in the lab lately.”

Disclosing what he is up to, he stated, “Working on some future tennis projects.” Giving a heads-up to his fans, he stated, “Stay tuned.” And finally disclosed the product with, “You know it’s going to be good.”


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