Tiger Woods will not participate in the Players Championship

According to reports, Tiger Woods isn’t going to play in next week’s Players Championship, so it looks as if he will play in the April Masters at Augusta National as his next event. The PGA Tour announced the field, and to the disappointment of many golf fans and Tiger Woods, he was not on the list.



Woods has been suffering from this injury for two years, and it has affected his career to a considerable extent. Tiger has missed most of the tournaments during this time. It is widely believed, however, that Woods will be able to recover from his injury and will be able to show his class once again.



At this point, it is difficult to predict how the recovery process will progress and how long it will take.

Tiger Woods: Will I come back and play a full schedule? No
Several things like this could be sensed last year when Woods announced that the Majors would be his priorities going forward.



It has been confirmed by Woods that he will miss many tournaments as a result of his injury. To put it simply, Woods’ injury is serious and he cannot perform at his best when he is in pain. “I’m not going to play any more than probably the Majors and maybe a couple more tournaments.



Will I come back? Yes. Will I come back and play a full schedule? No. I said that at Albany, that will never happen again. I can play certain events here and there, but on a full-time level, no, that will never happen again. Pick and choose my events, whether they’re Majors or other events, I can do something like that, but come back and playing the Tour, yes, but not on a full-time basis”.

– Tiger Woods said last year. As a result of this news, Woods’ fans around the world have been left in a state of sadness, waiting impatiently for his next appearance.


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