Tiger Woods rips Greg Norman as $3 billion golf furore rumbles on

Tiger Woods says there will be no end to the ongoing feud between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf Series so long as Greg Norman remains in charge of the latter. The Australian golfing great was appointed to help establish the LIV series, which has since launched an anti-trust lawsuit against the PGA.



Speaking at the World Hero Challenge in the Bahamas, Woods warned world golf would remain divided so long as Norman remained in charge of Liv, given his steadfast refusal to mediate the situation.

Woods’ comments echo those of World No.1 ranked star Rory McIlroy, who also stated he believes the two competitions will remain at war so long as Norman maintains a presence in the LIV series.



The 46-year-old also revealed he had undergone an additional two surgeries following his horrific car crash in February of 2021, although he didn’t go into any detail as to what those surgeries entailed.

He accused Norman and the LIV Series if trying to ‘destroy’ the PGA Tour.




“Greg has to go first of all. It has to start with leadership on their side, understanding that what is happening right now is not the best future for the whole game of golf,” Woods said.

“You need to have the two bodies come together and if one side has so much animosity, trying to destroy our tour, then how do you work with that?”


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