‘It Was Doing an Injustice’: Despite Their ‘Great Relationship,’ Tiger Woods Once Revealed What Went Wrong With Lindsey Vonn

Tiger Woods is probably one of the most talked about golfers of all time. Whether you talk about his professional success or the failures in his personal life, something or the other hits a chord with the general public.

Woods recently revealed how things went wrong between him and Lindsey Vonn. Although, he claimed he holds Vonn in high regard. Although, things did not work between the duo for one mutual reason. But, what was the reason?

How did things go south with Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods?
Lindsey and Tiger shared a beautiful relationship. In the time they were together, there were reports stating that the two would one day end up together. However, things did not go as many speculated and the two brought things to an end.

Woods said, “Well, with Lindsey, what was hard is we never had time together. It was a great relationship, but it was so hard, when I’m training to do my sport, it takes umpteen hours to do, and I can’t travel, except to my tournaments, because I’m here dedicated to my two kids. Meanwhile, most of her summer is spent in South America, at training camps in Chile and Argentina, and then you’ve got her season, which is mostly in Europe.”


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