Brooke Shields suggests it was her fault that ex Agassi married “perfect legs” Graf

Jokingly or not, Brooke Shields recently suggested that it was her fault that her ex-husband Andre Agassi married Steffi Graf. Shields is depicted in the latest SKIMS ads wearing a brown bra along with similar underwear and tights.

“One of the most perfect bodies is… my ex-husband’s wife,” says Shields.
In his autobiography, Agassi recalled his marriage to Shields. Speaking about their wedding preparations, he writes that Brooke had a “rigorous premarital training regimen”. Here is a quote from the book: “For motivation, she tapes a photo on the refrigerator door.



It’s a photo of the perfect woman, she says. The perfect woman with the perfect legs—the legs Brooke wants. The photo is of Steffi Graf”. Brooke Shields talked about what impresses her regarding a woman’s body.

“What inspires me and what impresses me the most about the female body is its just sheer strength. It seems like there’s primal cellular memory in the female body. It’s capable of so much,” she said per Yahoo Life. “Confidence to me is s*xy.




I think that from confidence comes a s*xiness.” The supermodel even praised tennis player Steffi Graf for being a longtime inspiration to Shields. “I think one of the most perfect bodies is my ex-husband’s wife,” Shields said referring to Andre Agassi and wife Graf.

“I had her legs on my mirror for about, god, 15, 20 years and then he had to go marry those legs.”

Brooke about her divorce from Agassi
“I am divorced. And mine was very quick and relatively easy but it’s a very interesting thing because he — quote, unquote — did say to me, ‘Be happy that we don’t have children or I would not have made this easy for you.’ And therein lies why I’m not there anymore,” Shields said on The Today Show in 2013.


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