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David Beckham opens up about the bad habits that Victoria Beckham can’t stand

David Beckham has opened up about the annoying habits that his wife, Victoria Beckham, can’t stand.



The 47-year-old footballing legend, who has been married to the former Spice Girl since 1999, was talking to Gary Neville about his family life when he made the admission.



During the candid conversation as part of 29 Questions, Beckham opened up about some of the habits that get on his wife’s nerves. However, he was also quick to cheekily point out some of her flaws as well.



“I’ve got this [clears throat], she doesn’t love that… I’ve not always done it, maybe for the last 15 years,” Beckham explained.



However, the dad of four also quickly turned the topic onto some of the bad habits that his fashion designer wife had.



“There’s probably a couple of other things that I do that annoy her, to be honest. I’m very clean and she’s not,” he went on.



“As in, I’m tidy and she’s not”, before adding: “she washes, from time to time.”


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