Camila Giorgi gets angry with a journalist: Are you disappointed?

Italy’s Camila Giorgi missed out on a place in the Roland Garros quarter-finals after being eliminated by Russia’s Daria Kasatkina 6-2, 6-2.



Giorgi caused controversy for her dress at the tournament, as she received a warning from the umpire who deemed the De’Longhi advertising logo on her dress to be too large.



Appearing in front of the media, the Italian was angry when asked by an Italian journalist if we was disappointed at the defeat.


“Disappointed? Are you disappointed?” she quipped, after giving a sarcastic smile at the question.


“It’s useless to ask me [this] every time [I am eliminated]. I don’t have a plan B and I never will. This is my tennis.”



She later explained to the journalist that it wouldn’t help to watch a video of her defeat and that she preferred to watch other things.



“I don’t think it helps me much to look at how a player like Kasatkina plays,” Giorgi said, “she has a totally different type of tennis to me.



“It’s clear that if you always hit it over the net you don’t take risks, I have a much more aggressive game, it’s normal that I make more mistakes, because I have a much more risky game.

“Against a player like Sabalenka I could never have won if I had played defensively.

“I will never watch the video of this match, I don’t need to see how a person with a defensive game plays.

“I can watch my idols, like Agassi or Sampras. I can see how Del Potro, who has the best serve in the circuit, serves, I can see how Djokovic returns.”


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