‘Rules Are Rules’: Nelly Korda’s Most Controversial Moment of Her Career Also Severely Infuriated Her Opponent in 2021

Golf is a gentleman’s game. And to keep it that way, the officials have created a set of rules that the players have to follow while playing professional golf


. Notably, such rules have often become a villain in one’s game. However, did you know it once even affected the relationship between the American golfer Nelly Korda and her opponents?



Korda took her chance to score a 20-foot eagle on the par-5 13th. However, the ball ended up on the edge of the hole. In this situation, she would normally get 10 seconds to see whether the ball would go in or not.




However, her opponent, Sagstrom, didn’t wait for it before picking the ball up
Nelly Korda and Madelene Sagstrom reacted to the ruling official’s decision
According to the rule, if a player stops or picks up another golfer’s ball before the allotted time if it is hanging on the hole, the ball will be treated as holed with the previous stroke.





Despite Team Europe asking for a review, the point went to Team USA as per the ruling. Although she respects the sport’s rules, Sagstrom expressed that she felt wronged in that circumstance.


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