‘I’d love to’: Tiger Woods’ shock admission about golf return



Tiger Woods says he would love to return for next year’s 150th Open at St Andrews, despite revealing more details about the car crash in February that almost claimed his life.



Woods revealed on Tuesday in an exclusive interview with Golf Digest that he wanted to return to playing on the professional tour again in the future, but ruled out the possibility of that ever happening again on a full-time basis.



In his first press conference since the crash that left him requiring surgery on open fractures to his lower right leg, Woods went into more detail about his hopes to return to the sport that made him a superstar.



The 45-year-old 15-time major winner was in pain throughout as he addressed a large media contingent, where he insisted that he would “love to play at St Andrews” on his “favourite course in the world” for next year’s Open.



“I would love to play at St Andrews, there’s no doubt about it. It’s my favourite golf course in the world,” he said at the World Challenge event that he is hosting in Albany, in the Bahamas.

“Physically, hopefully I can. I’ve got to get there first. Tournament’s not going to go anywhere but I need to get there.”

Woods shared a clip to his official Twitter account last week that showed him hitting balls on the practice range, that has since been viewed millions of times.

However, he warned that he was still some way away from even contemplating playing in a competitive match again.

“As far as playing at the Tour level, I don’t know when that’s going to happen,” he said.

“I’ll play a round here and there, a little hit and giggle, I can do something like that.

“To see some of my shots fall out of the sky a lot shorter than they used to was a little eye-opening but at least I’m able to do it again. That’s something. For a while there it didn’t look I was going to.


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