‘Did you tell so and so to F off?’ Analyst dishes on opinions and Tiger Woods

here is the Tiger Woods’ way. And there is the wrong way, John Wood says.

The subject is big-event preparation, and Wood, as a former longtime caddie and current NBC on-course reporter, is an expert here.


He’s seen countless majors and team tournaments, and, specifically to the conversation, the intake of information, and on a recent episode of The Book of Joe podcast, he was asked about potential overload.

Co-hosts Joe Maddon, a former longtime MLB manager, and Tom Verducci, a writer, lean baseball, and they had seen it in their arena.



“Well, Joe, you also talk in the book about how when the stakes got higher, basically in the postseason, the more people wanted to get involved with numbers and getting even more detailed,” Verducci began on the podcast, which is an extension of the book of the same name.



“I’m wondering, John, if you’ve found that at, whether it’s Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup or especially the majors, were the atmospheres a little bit different? And my experience is, great players tend to treat those moments exactly the same; nothing changes.



The tendency, human nature is to make it bigger. We don’t need more information. So give me an idea what it’s like, be it a major or some of the high-profile events.”


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