Andy Murray harshly criticizes Netflix tennis series Break Point

Andy Murray, on Twitter, with a subtle controversial vein revealed that he was particularly surprised by the access granted to the Netflix crew, unlike the rigidity that the tour reserved for him during the filming of the documentary about his rehab on Amazon Prime titled Resurfacing, detailing his injury struggles during the 2018 and 2019 seasons.



He told: “It was interesting to see the sheer volume of people following players during tournaments/slams. Big crews. Access allowed. Sharp contrast to when my documentary was filmed a couple of years ago and Wimbledon/US Open couldn’t have be less accommodating.” From 13 January 2023, the new series Break Point will start on Netflix, completely based on the world of tennis.




A documentary that aims, through the voices of its protagonists, to make known a world, that of this sport, whose different nuances and facets are not known by its fans.



Interviews, stories, anecdotes, insights from champions such as Matteo Berrettini, Nick Kyrgios, Stefanos Tsitstipas on their match preparation, training sessions, and much more, hope to bring tennis closer to fans and also to attract a new audience to the sport, as happened with Drive to Survive, the series that the US streaming company has made for Formula 1 and which has generated a great increase in expectations in the motor world.



Latests on Murray
In a recent interview, the 35-year-old Scotsman revealed that he’s in good physical shape, better than in previous seasons, but he’s not sure how much longer he can continue to compete on the tour: “I’m definitely in good shape.

Hopefully this year, with the work I’ve put in, things will continue to improve and I’ll still be motivated to go out and compete. If my body is in good shape and I’m still able to compete consistently, I’ll continue to play. But I can’t look that far ahead at my age and the problems I’ve had.”


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