Serena Williams Reveals She’s a ‘Boring Spender’: ‘I Am Really Bad at Treating Myself’

When it comes to money, superstar tennis champion Serena Williams reveals she likes to spend smart.



“I don’t spend money — when I do it’s on my daughter. I usually invest my funds. I am the most boring spending ever,” Williams, 37, tells PEOPLE. “Don’t spend it, invest it,” she advises.



The tennis star even admits that she’s bad at spending her hard-earned cash on herself.

“I am really bad at treating myself, so I am learning how to treat myself more. I am working on it. I’ve thought about some jewelry,” she says.

But when the S by Serena designer does like to spend her championship earnings, she turns to her essentials — available Wednesday on her brand-new Amazon storefront.




Now Williams’ fans can shop just like the tennis pro by purchasing some of the star’s favorite products through her carefully curated Amazon shop.

“Obviously the Wilson tennis balls are super important to me,” she says of the popular tennis ball brand — just one of the many tennis-themed items shoppers can purchase through the storefront.





“The resistance bands I also use as stretch bands and they are very essential,” she says of the AmazonBasics Pound Resistance Pull Up Bands, before explaining her travel training sessions.

“We travel with everything in a massive big training bag and we normally just throw a ball in there — I also like my beats headphones which I normally walk onto the court with,” she explains.




“I have a playlist that I always listen to … I try to listen to more motivational music and normally listen to more lyrics as opposed to just beats,” Williams says of her pre-match pump-up.

In addition to workout and sports-related items, such as the Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bike and the AmazonBasics Extra Thick Exercise Mat, the athlete’s storefront also consists of some of her favorite mommy items for her daughter, Olympia.


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