The Mystery Behind the Name of Rafael Nadal’s Son: Sebastian or Rafael?

Rafael Nadal has been quite a bit low-key about his personal life, especially with his wife Maria. However, it goes without saying that he is a family man and he prioritizes his family over anything and everything.



Rafa has been together with his wife Maria Francisca Perello since 2005 as a romantic partner and married her on October 15, 2019.



Only recently on October 8 was the Spanish couple blessed with their first child who is a baby boy. The baby was reportedly born in Mallorca which is Nadal’s hometown.



Rafa withdrew from the Lavers Cup after playing alongside Federer in his last match ever to spend time with his family. He even took a couple of weeks off tennis to dedicate this time to his wife and his newborn baby.



Rafael Nadal’s life changed after having a son
Rafael Nadal in an interview opened up about his feelings about leaving his son behind for his Paris Masters tournament, and he surely was not a happy man.

Nadal is making his comeback in tennis following the US Open as he was not only recovering from an abdominal tear but also spending time with his wife and his baby boy. He will finally be competing in an ATP tournament after two months of absence.


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