‘We Hear You, We See You…’: Nelly Korda and Other LPGA Players Send Special Messages for the Fans Ahead of the New Season

There is no doubt that despite playing the same sport as their profession, the PGA Tour players get different appreciation from the audience than the LPGA players.



However, people started recognizing the talent in female golfers like Nelly Korda and Lydia Ko and began enjoying watching them play from the last season.

A lot of good things happened for the LPGA players last year. The television channels started showing more of the tournaments compared to the prior seasons, and the sponsors started believing in them, which helped the Tour to increase its purse for the 2023 season…



Notably, these all happened due to people startin to show more interest in female golf.

$101.4 million. That is how much total purse money the LPGA Tour officials have offered the players for its upcoming season, according to reports. The amount is nothing compared to what the PGA Tour offers its players.




However, it is a lot better than the approximately $93.5 million the female players played for in 2022. And this is one of the many reasons the players’ remembered to send a special message to the fans that helped them achieve all these feats.


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