Tom Watson Once Dissed Tiger Woods With His ‘Get His Personal Life in Order’ Remarks and Advised Him to ‘Show Some Humility’

The pro golfer Tiger Woods did not care much when the golf world was in chaos after the revelation of his alleged scandal. However, you must pay attention if a golfer of excellent caliber, like Tom Watson, comments.

The PGA tour champion lost the respect of many, and they expected Woods to “clean up his act.” Watson believed that Woods messed up, and he knew about it. The world witnessed it all, and they knew well that the golfer had messed up. And everyone wanted him to take responsibility for his deeds.

Generally, golfers refrain from commenting on Woods regarding his struggles off-course or his conduct while playing. However, in 2012, things started to move in a different direction on the eve of the Dubai Desert Classic. The veteran Watson did not fear commenting and even went on to disparage Woods in comparison to its luminaries.

What did Tom Watson expect from Tiger Woods?
The eight-time major championship winner called out the 15 times major championship winner in 2012. Woods’ behavior displeased Tom Watson, and he had had enough of it.

Therefore, he asked the golfer to “show some humility.” He was referring to the time when the alleged scandal came to the highlight. After his 2009 car crash, he was away from golf indefinitely.

Therefore, before he could return to golf, Watson wanted Woods to apologize. The golfer even admitted to “transgressions,” which were followed by allegations.


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