‘Horrified’: Roger Federer and Mirka’s stunning act in Ukraine war




Roger Federer and his wife Mirka have made the stunning decision to donate $500,000 to a foundation in Ukraine after once again condemning Russia’s invasion.



Federer, who has been off tour since Wimbledon in 2021, has once again called for peace in Ukraine after world leaders continue to place sanctions on Russia due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion.




And in a stunning move, Federer has joined big names in committing to donate $500,000 ($AUD 637,000), which will go to the foundation War Child Holland.




Federer said his family have been ‘horrified’ at the war in Ukraine and said they “stand for peace”.

“We will provide assistance to children from Ukraine who need care, about 6 million Ukrainian children are currently out of school and it’s a very critical time to provide access to education and would like to support them to deal with this extremely traumatic experience,” Federer said on Twitter.


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