Angela Cullen Husband?: Who is the spouse of Lewis Hamilton’s physiotherapist and most trusted aide

Angela Cullen Husband: Who is the husband of Lewis Hamilton’s most trusted aide, as F1 fans’ interest in her has only increased over the years.

Lewis Hamilton is often seen in the paddock with his physiotherapist Angela Cullen. The New Zealander has been with the Mercedes superstar for over seven years, and by Hamilton’s admission, she plays a pivotal role in his success.

Cullen is present for every race weekend and is often seen after race days with Hamilton trying to ease him off from the race fatigue. Her ubiquitousness has made several fans interested in her, especially Hamilton fans.

Thus, there have been several interests in her private life. Especially regarding who her husband is and how many kids they have. To answer the question, Cullen is indeed married; her spouse’s name is Silas Cullen, and they have three kids together.


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