‘Those Balls Are Horrible’: Swiatek Slams US Open For Disparity Between Men & Women’s Game

The US Open 2022 has not even begun and women’s world number one Iga Swiatek has already raised serious concerns about the balls being used for the tournament. The Polish international has expressed her unhappiness since the men’s and the women’s sides of the draw are using different balls.



Iga Swiatek raises concerns over balls used in US Open 2022
While speaking at a press conference, Iga Swiatek did not mince her words, and said, “I think those balls are horrible. Especially after three games of really hard playing, they are getting more and more light. In the end, you can’t even serve 170 kilometres per hour because you know it’s going to fly like crazy. Yeah, I think they are pretty bad. Sorry.”



It is pertinent to note that the US Open is the only Grand Slam tournament that uses different balls for the men’s and the women’s sides of the draw. The men use the Wilson’s US Open extra duty balls while the women use the Wilson US Open regular duty balls, which are believed to be thinner, leading to faster movement.


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