Is Emma Raducanu a good tennis player? How is her future?

I watched her Quarter and Semi Final matches and in both I fully expected the usual glorious failure or close shave that we suffer from all so often.



To my shock however, she absolutely battered both opponents all over the court with an inevitable ease that one used to get watching Federer at Wimbledon, Nadal on clay or indeed the Williams sisters anywhere.



I am delighted for the young lassie, she seems a lovely person, very talented and I am disgusted by attempts to impose racial politics onto her success.



How is Emma Raducanu British when she was born in Canada to non-British parents?
Well, she was raised in London since the age of two. Her entire schooling was in London. She’s a British citizen. She speaks with a British accent (and with a slight London regional twang).



If you lived in or near London, you’d know that British children of immigrant parents aren’t exactly uncommon.


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