Serena Williams’ daughter attends wedding as flower girl, takes photo with father



Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia Ohanian took the role of a flower girl at a themed wedding she recently attended with her parents. Olympia’s father posted a photo showing him and her dressed up for the wedding. “Derby-themed wedding and I snagged a photo with the loveliest flower girl,” Ohanian captioned the photo.



Olympia sees Alexis as the “best dad in the world”
Recently, Olympia wrote a note on a shirt for her father.

The note said, “You are the best dad in the world. I love you, Olimpia.” Later, the Reddit co-founder also shared the photo on an Instagram story with the shirt on. In fact, moved by the adorable gesture, the 39-year-old wrote: “How wonderful this is.”



Ohanian and Olympia frequently share their adventures together on Instagram. Olympia Ohanian’s Instagram account, apparently managed by her father Alexis Ohanian, posted a photo of Olympia sitting on the same bench as a LEGO Hulk.




The photo is amusing because the bench on Olympia’s side is higher due to Hulk’s weight. “Papa embarrassing me in public like usual,” the photo was captioned.


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