Tyson Fury reveals his ‘death row meal’ that he needs to win – including fish fingers




Heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury has revealed the secret of his success – fish fingers, chips and beans.




The self-styled Gypsy King says he tucks into a plate piled high with his favourite food before stepping into the ring. And the dad of six says he even orders the children’s favourite in high class restaurants.




The undefeated world champion, who has battled weight problems in the past, said: “My three non-negotiable behaviours, or three things that makes me high performance is fish fingers, chips and beans. It’s my death row meal and that’s what makes me high performance. I have it before every fight. It’s my favourite meal in the world.”




Speaking on the High Performance podcast on Monday, he said: “I was in America, in a big fancy restaurant in New York, and everyone was having lobsters and all this fancy truffle and whatever else – all these fancy fish things that I can’t even name.


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