Famous golf instructor on Charlie Woods: “I hope he’s allowed..”




In recent years, Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie Woods, has become one of those people who is mentioned more and more in the media. Although he is still a child, he is watched carefully at every move he makes, and many believe that he will follow in the footsteps of his father in the future.



It is true that there is a great deal of pressure on this boy, but we have no doubt that Charlie will be able to handle it well. Having been raised by his father, Charlie resembles him quite a bit, in fact, it is only important now that Tiger has the ability to direct him on the right path.



“Set up and take away and impact is (definitely) the best golfer ever, his Dad. Post impact, follow through and balance at the end of swing (definitely) Rory (McIlroy), who imo (in my opinion) might end up being 2nd best golfer ever!”- flushingitgolf wrote on Twtiter.



Jonathan Yarwood
Jonathan Yarwood, a golf instructor in the Los Angeles area, is delighted with the game of this young golfer. In fact, he has already noticed a number of things that remind him a lot of Tiger Woods. However, Yawrood took the time to warn us about what we also have to be concerned about: Too much pressure can be detrimental to a young person like Charlie, so we must be cautious.




“Deliberately not posted much on Charlie Woods as it’s hard to be that exposed, that young, with such expectations. I hope he’s allowed room to succeed, fail, learn and grow. However, an athlete like his dad.



Simple backswing, decent transition but incredible rotation and side bend.” “That swing is so pure. Lots of speed for this young man. Who knows what his future will look like but I hope to watch him on tour someday.”


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